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Hi Ben. Have some empathy as last month I broke my femur and now recovering with a rod and screw reconnecting to my hip. The different pain you experience and the frustrations of limitations placed on you while you recover are immense. I have followed some of your post rugby exploits including the boxing. I believe you are making a difference, not just for yourself and your family, but also for the wider community and rugby world. Many congratulations on the example you are setting for others. 🌸

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Thank you.

For a refreshing perspective and accurate portrayal of what happens when you leave the structure and routines. Many of my mates in military experience these exact emotions.

A lot have always underestimated the professionalism they hold in their own field. Years of this conditioning to strive for perfection impacts life on families and work colleagues when you are on the outside. We have been conditioned to expect perfection and are always evaluated on improving our output.

When this is combined with working as a part of a high performance team under high pressure, for good or bad you become conditioned to that environment. When you leave the loss of that team is both daunting and real.

This is a great read and it will help people see the light on the other side.

All my comments here are my own personal opinion and are separate from my employer.

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Awesome Ben. So well written & such an important topic. I think it’s quite clear that sport (even on a non professional level) is so much more than just exercise. There’s definitely that fitness element that is crucial to our wellbeing, but it’s also the social aspect & the camaraderie, and Club spirit, whether it be basketball, netball, rugby, 🦉 Parkrun, a Bootcamp, Pilates or Gym membership.

And if that’s your career, then it must leave a massive hole when that stops. So heartbreaking to hear Dan’s struggle with it.

I applaud you for the path you’ve continued on & so appreciate what you’ve done for our Rugby Club with your encouragement with getting us all out running.

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Lovely words big fella...an important topic of conversation that is so rarely talked openly about..career transition for us all is hard..coming to the latter end of my own sporting support career has been difficult but identifying the road beyond, look for your buzz factor in new activity and leaving on my own terms has helped me prep well with zero regret, knowing I have done my best with the cards I’ve been dealt. I know many at the sharper end on the pitch aren’t so lucky and it hits them like the preverbial train when it all comes to an end. I’m sure you’re words will help many more than you imagine.. we share some history big fella! It’s great to see your own reflection and I applaud you for that buddy! Best wishes. SJ

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Great reflection brother, keep moving and thank you for your courage to share.

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Well said mate. I’m sure there are plenty who can relate.

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I love the word transitioning Benny A a much kinder word than retirement regardless of age or career

Great food for thought


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Life is tough. Toughen up! Most of us go through tough times. We need to toughen up.

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