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I can't help feeling duped with the 2023 RWC... I look forward to the RWC (like, I can't wait for the RWC to come around every 4 years) however I feel that the that the "4 year build up" & my personal excitement for the 2023 RWC has been significantly diluted, ..... through firstly, the changes to the coaching structure months out from the RWC, robbing Dave Rennie years of planning/developing his team & then secondly Eddie putting his "stamp" on the team with many changes & interesting selections!!

Don't get me wrong as always, I will be up for each game as always being the supreme optimist, supporting & cheering the Wallabies on. I really hope I am proven wrong & we deliver in the tournament, but the first challenge is getting over Georgia this weekend, then being in the top 2 of our Pool to go to the next stage...

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