My name is Ben Alexander and I’m a father of 3 who use to play Rugby for Australia and the ACT, but now I’m the co-owner of pub The Dock, and co-founder of startups Alfred and fam.

So far retirement from footy has been tough and I’ve made lots of painful mistakes.

But I’ve realised a lot of them could have been avoided had I been able to think and communicate my thoughts clearly. 

After having a meltdown during the Covid lockdown, I started writing to improve my communication with the people who’s help I need, and to share my journey.

My mind starts to rush if I don’t spend time being thoughtful, and writing is forcing me to slow down and reflect, which then helps me to make better decisions, which leads to progress towards what I’m trying to achieve. 

My mission in life is to build tools that create a happier and healthier planet, and I believe the two main problems to overcome are:

  1. Low personal energy levels, and the impact this having on people’s mental health and self-belief. 

  2. A disconnect from our true support networks, caused partially by social media.

Alfred and fam are built to combat these issues.

I’ll go into how and why I think they can help in future blogs, along with my thoughts on Aussie Rugby and other things I find interesting. 

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