Who is Ben?

G’day! I’m Ben Alexander, a retired Australian Rugby player based in Canberra.

I use to play for the ACT Brumbies and Wallabies, but now I’m a Dad of 3, co-own a pub called The Dock, serve on the Brumbies Board, and started a weight management platform called Alfred.

But despite all that, I’ve had many mental health challenges, and sharing my struggles in retirement has helped me work through them.

Now I want to help others who are struggling like I did, as many of my struggles were avoidable.

Every Wednesday I publish Transitions, a weekly newsletter about navigating a career change, and share my journey of transitioning from a job I loved.

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In each issue of Transition, I share my experience with depression and how I’m going building a 2nd career. Occasionally, I’ll interview people who’ve had a big impact on my life and explore topics like the influence of Australian sporting culture on our nation's mental health, and the science behind feeling great.

I also write a bit about Rugby, as I think it’s on the way to becoming a game Australians are proud of once again.

Where else can you find me?

Email - ben@alfredapp.com.au

Twitter - @benny_alexander

Instagram - bena1984

Strava - Ben Alexander

For more, check out this old interview with me, my Mum and my old coach Robbie Deans where we talk about my love of food and Rugby.

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An ex-rugby player sharing his journey transitioning from an exciting to a meaningful career.


Ben Alexander

Use to play Rugby. Now co-owner @ The Dock and co-founder @ Alfred.